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        I am hoping that someone can help me. I am sorry about
the posting - at this point I'm desperate. My "/usr" partition
is now blank and I need to get X-Windos (plus any other software
normally residing on "/usr") back.

        Sometime ago, I installed Linux 1.2.1 on a 486
machine (it is using the Slackware distribution). The disk
partitions are like the following below:

/dev/hda1 - DOS
/dev/hda2 - Root
/dev/hda3 - Swap

On another disk, I have
/dev/hdb1 - DOS
/dev/hdb2 - /usr
/dev/hdb3 - /mnt
/dev/hdb4 - /mnt2

I installed a program under Windows and it ran out of room
(on the /dev/hdb1 partitition). Instead of stopping, it ran
on and wrote over my Linux information in my /usr partition.
I  only thank whatever powers there may be that it did not
write over the root partition or the other two. Even though
it wrote over the /usr directory, I felt that the X-Windows
and any other information could be reinstalled.

I tried to run "pkgtool" to try to reinstall everything.
Seeing as my CD is unsupported under Linux, I was attempting
to use the hard disk installation again. I boot with my
old boot disk and I specify the root partition that is
on the floppy "/dev/fd0". After going through the boot and
root disks, I mount my own root partition under  "/mnt".
I mount my own usr partition under "/mnt/usr". I mount the
msdos partition of "/dev/hdb1" as "/mnt/mnt9". As I have
mentioned earlier, I specify (in pkgtool) that the
code for installation was in the directory "/mnt/mnt9/slackwar".

The program just stops. No error message is given.

If someone could help me get the "/usr" partition reinstalled
I would be forever in their debt!





Post by root » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Restore /usr from your backup!! - Your computer is only as good as
your last backup. Checkout the LF1000 HOWTO! at Sunsite.


1. Set-up woes, please, please, please help :(

Hey everyone,
            here's my situation: yesterday i finally got all the parts
to my new computer. I built it, installed rh 6, and i've had nothing but
problems, in fact the only devices i have working properly are my ide
drives and cd burners. Here's what i bought:

Celeron 400 PPGA x 2 (and yes the label said single processor
systems...but they work just fine)
Abit BP-6 Motherboard
256 MB PC100 Ram  (2 x 128)
Western  Digital 13.0 and 8.4 gig Hardrives
Mitsumi 40 x IDE CDrom
Sound Blaster PCI 128
Diamon Viper V770
Advanys SCSI controller with Matsushista 7502 cdr drive (works great)
3com 3c509 isa network card (PnP mode)
.....i think that's it.

Now here are the problems.

1) First of all when i boot it (top) says i only have about 3 megs of
ram free. How is this             possible????

2) I can't seem to configure sound with any luck, sndconfig detects my
card immediatly but i don't head any sound.

3) When i reboot or shutdown using those commands, i don't think it
properly unmounts the drives becuase i get error messages when it boots
up and take about 20 minutes to fsck them.

4) I installed the nVidia patch for the V770 and X does work but the
graphics are real sh*tty (grainy, not sure what mode i'm running in but
i know it's 1024x768)

5) Sometimes when shutting down, the machine hangs when its shutting of
interface eth0. so i'm not sure if the network card is the problem.

    That's it on the problems so here are the questions:

    a) How do i fix the problems that i listed above? (i know it's
stupid and redundant to say
                that, but it's my primary question)

    b)  What version of linux should i run on this, i.e. what will
support the hardware best. I was         considering mandrake, but i'm
not sure.

    c) Is there a way to tell what cpu is doing what? i know in Irix
when you run top it tells you          about each cpu?

                    I truly thank everyone in advance for help with


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