How to redirect remote X via SLiRP ?

How to redirect remote X via SLiRP ?

Post by Sean Brian Woolco » Sun, 10 Sep 1995 04:00:00


        I have SLiRP up and running and can telnet/ftp/Netscape out.  I
run SLiRP on a machine called  I need to run an X app
called xobjectcenter on a machine called, and
redirect it to my X display at home.

        Here's what I do:

        o get SLiRP running
        o tell SLiRP "redir X" (That's the IP # SLiRP tells
me I am at home)

        o xhost
        o telnet
        o setenv DISPLAY (that's ruby's IP number. I have also
tried ""(which SLiRP said was correct when I redir'ed) with
the same results

        o xobjectcenter &

        Now it waits a few seconds and then says:

        Xlib:  connection to "" refused by server
        Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server
        Error: Can't open display:

        I can see that calling myself the "0.0" display for my SLiRP host,
and not even mentioning my Linux box, is a problem, but I don't know what
to do about it.  I don't know much about ports (like how to find a valid
one on my SLiRP host), so if they are the answer please talk to me like
I'm a four year old and/or give me a pointer to port redirection info.

        Thanks, I'll post a summary of any help I get.



How to redirect remote X via SLiRP ?

Post by Sean Woolcoc » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> Have you tried doing an "xhost +" on the machine you want the display to come up on.
> It sounds like the application is making the request to the server and the server is
> saying the the owner of the application doesn't have permission to display on the

        Yes, I did an "xhost +".  It didn't affect the error message at
all.  A lot of people suggested this to me.  Someone also suggested
"xauth", but to be honest, I could not make heads or tails of the man
page.  Do you know how to determine if I need an "xauth" (and if so, what
to do)?  Thanks!



How to redirect remote X via SLiRP ?

Post by Sean Woolcoc » Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> I believe your host's IP address needs to be listed in your local etc/xhosts
> file.

        I just tried it.  I still get:

Xlib:  connection to "" refused by server
Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to Server
Error: Can't Open display

        ...even after a "xhost +", with my slirp host and the remote host
in my /etc/xhosts and in my /etc/hosts.allow.  This is frustrating.

> -Steve


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I have slirp PPP running with DXPC compression but I was told
that CSLIP is faster than PPP. I have a Linux PC as server and a
Sun Sparc5 as client. I use a dip script to login and and
activate SLIRP on the Sun. The .slirprc file is:
add ptyexec /usr/bin/tcsh -1:
baudrate 38400
[I have tried adding the following:
redir X
redir 4000 4000
with no improvement]
     The problem is that after giving xhost + to an xterm window
on the local Linux machine, I cannot find a setenv statement
that allows me to show Sun X programs on the local machine. If I
telnet to to get the SLIRP command line: "show X"
it says use: "setenv DISPLAY [Sun IP adderess]:1.0" for the
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Thanks, Don

Donald F. Parsons MD, Wadsworth Ctr, (Rm D224A)
PO Box 509, Albany, NY 12201-0509. (518)474-7047 Fax: (518)474-7992

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