Diamond Sonic Impact PCI

Diamond Sonic Impact PCI

Post by John Smit » Tue, 03 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone gotten this soundcard working in slackware even a little bit i
just want it slightly working just enough so i can listen to mp3's if you
have any ideas please reply (to the newsgroup) thanks in advance

1. Help with Diamond Sonic Impact PCI sound card

Hi, gang!

I'm trying to get a Diamond Sonic Impact PCI sound card to work with
RedHat 6.0 Linux.  When I installed RH6.0 there weren't any error
messages, and I don't see any when I boot the system, but I can't hear
any sounds.  When I try using sndconfig, no matter which card I select
I get a "resource is busy" error message when sndconfig tries to test
the sound card, and then I get module loading errors upon booting.

Anyone know what driver/settings I should use, and the procedures I
should follow to get this beastie working?


Chris O'Neill

get time to check back here.  I promise to post the solution here once
I've got the beastie working.

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