Caldera Open Linux 1.3 Fips ; installation probs help please ;-)

Caldera Open Linux 1.3 Fips ; installation probs help please ;-)

Post by Shau » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Here Generic IDE FAT32 6.4GB  hard drive.

Fips README txt advises run diskscan>Defrag>diskscan then uninstall windows
swap file.

Question. Given Win swap file is WIN386.SWP [Correct me if I am wrong
please} this file cannot be uninstalled or removed only disabled as
follows..control panel>systems>Performance Tab>virtual memory button then
Disable Virtual memory.

Trying to run scandisk with virtual memory disabled results in windows
winging there is not enough memory. Attempting to run defrag with virtual
memory disabled results in the system freezing after several hours.

Attempting to run FIPS to create space (Standard install) for Linux results
in the error message 'unknown file system 0CH only DOS partitions can be
split [system indicator byte must be 4 or 6].

I assume my FAT32 system and LBA logical block addressing is creating
problems ?????

Reluctant to install a second hard disk just for Linux or purchase a
commercial product such as partition magic as there must be some way round
this ???????

Your comments/advice would be much appreciated..
Regards  Shaun County Durham


Caldera Open Linux 1.3 Fips ; installation probs help please ;-)

Post by Shau » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Thanks Frank will do just that ;-) Shaun


1. Caldera 1.3 Installation {Help Please} Partitions

Here as an exercise, prior to installing Caldera 1.3 ran Fips2.0 to create
2GHZ space for the Linux install.

However, fips2.0 README Word documents para 8. refers as follows "If you
wish to use the partition under Linux, you may now

[1] Change the system indicator byte with Linux FDISK


[2] Use MFKS.

As anticipated, having run LISA without implementing [1] and [2] above, Lisa
was unable to locate my newly created partition


Disk /dev/hda:255.63sectors,788 cyl
Units+cylinders of 16065*512 bytes

Device     Active     Start     Size     ID     System

/dev/hda1     *              1     4281291 C     FAT32(LBA)

/dev/hda2                  534    2048287 C    FAT32(LBA)

when running Verbose System Analysis

Therefore can anyone advise on [1] and [2] above.

Having created the space to install Linux,I cannot get my system to
recognise my newly created partition /dev/hda2  Help please.

Thankyou in anticipation, the time taken out is much appreciated.

Shaun. Uk

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