ESS AudioDrive 1788 Setup

ESS AudioDrive 1788 Setup

Post by Per-Karsten Nordha » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi all.

I need help how to EASILY configuring my above mentioned soundcard -
it's an onboard-mounted thingie... What do I have to do, recompile the
kernel, or what ??



1. incorrecty playback speed with ESS 1788

I have some Acer Machines with ESS 1788's on the motherboard.
I am using RedHat 6.1 (have also tried 6.0), sndconfig seems to work
fine, but all audio playback is at about half speed. I have tried
esstype=1788, didn't help.
Any information would be appreciated (even 1788 programming docs).

Kevin Seghetti

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