Cd-rom: can't detect hardware

Cd-rom: can't detect hardware

Post by Seth » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

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> Hello, all.
> <br>There is a kind of trouble with? my CD. When I begin an installation
> from the CD-rom, it detect my cd-rom as
> <br><b>hdc: 685A: 7xSpeed cdrom,</b>
> <br>but after the installation complete and machine is reboot, it doesn't
> want to detect any kind of device, and when I try to mount
> <br>cdrom it tells that
> <br><b>din't recognized /dev/hdc as block device, may be 'insmod
> <br>In RH6.1 on boot-time it even tells that I likely removed device of
> kind <b>685A </b>and suggests to remove all links to it. When I set
> <br>boot option like <b>hdc=cdrom</b>, it tells
> <br><b>hdc: IRQ probe failed</b>
> <br>, but it works, and I can mount cdrom in such situation. Can anyone
> tell, is it misconfiguration of OS or device trouble, because
> <br>all is ok under W95.
> <br>Thanks...
> <p>Vlad Kushka</html>

I've actually been having that same exact problem when I try to install
RH6.0, even to the point that I had to add the boot option to have the CD
drive recognized in the installation... now that I've read your problem
and thought about it though, I wonder if you booted off of the CD?  I know
I did.  I'm going to try installing RH again soon and boot from a 3.5", it
was working fine when I tried it that way, you might want to do that too
if you booted off of the CD.


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