WANTED: WEB Space for Raven (Linux Magazine)

WANTED: WEB Space for Raven (Linux Magazine)

Post by Graham Swall » Mon, 22 Apr 1996 04:00:00

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        Space Station Raven - A Linux Workstation   | WEB SPACE NEEDED |
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        Raven is an on-line magazine, to promote Linux, and assist users
        of various levels to get it running, and do something with it.

        Eventually, it will be openly available in many places, on the
        distrinution CDROMS, via anonymous ftp as a .tgz, via majordomo
        email requests, on WEB server(s) ... (a version control nightmare)

        At the moment, a slightly old version is on my home pages,
        please check it out before replying. Unfortunately, I have a 512 k
        quota, and it simply won't fit. If someone offers to host it, that
        would free up some space, enabling me to offer over-the-shoulder
        previews, loose pages, experimantal pages and answer USENET questions
        with URL's.

        My ISP is quoting 345 pa for 10 MB on top of the 141 they already
        get. Other ISP's want to charge per 1K access. Once established,
        this may be an option, but at present it simply isn't.

        I did have it at sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Incoming, but their
        maintainers dropped it without any notification, and are
        now over the atlantic - heading for a conference, so I GUESS that
        sunsite.unc.edu isn't an option.

        So PLEASE! PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! Space for Raven - a home page haven

        http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~trix   <-- Linux Info Pages
        http://trix.dircon.co.uk/ (dial-up)   <-- Raven Kept Here


WANTED: WEB Space for Raven (Linux Magazine)

Post by Graham Swall » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00

        Issue-1 web pages now OPEN on sunsite and mirrors (hello OZ)
        Other text formats in docs/Raven/ftp.


        please check dircon every fortnight for information and ad-hoc pages,
        not yet "published". Many thanks to those who have responded with
        encouragement. I'll get organised and reply soon (promises promises)

        http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~trix   <-- Linux Info Pages
        http://trix.dircon.co.uk/ (dial-up)   <-- Raven Kept Here


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   I'm working on a free software project that is largely aimed at
Linux users (as well as other UNIX environments too). I was hoping to
find some "free space" on a web server (hopefully running Linux, Apache
:^) to host a home page for the project, but haven't turned up much.
The offers for "free space" that I have seen all have limits of 1 Mb
(or less). I will be distributing some data files with the software
that are inherently large, even when compressed. So, I will need more
like 5-10 Mb of space. Has anyone seen any Linux related sites out
there that also host pages for free software developers?

Best Regards, John

 ___|___  | John C. Peterson, KD6EKQ | Try Linux for Intel x86, because

  o/ \o   | San Diego, CA   U.S.A    | See http://www.linux.org/ for info

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