Chinon 535 SCSI & Adaptec AIC-6360 & Linux

Chinon 535 SCSI & Adaptec AIC-6360 & Linux

Post by Robert D Acos » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Help!  SCSI problems.

I purchased the QUE book and the accompaning CD of LINUX.  I then tried
to load the CDROM onto a computer at work.  This computer had an Adaptec
SCSI controller (ID=7) with a SCSI hard drive (ID=0) and a Chinon 535
CDROM (ID=2, tried ID at 1 and 5 also).  The computer is a 486 with 16MB
of memory.  Created boot disks and began the load procedure.  The LILO
indicated that it could see the hard drive and all of its partitions.  It
also indicated from what little I could catch while the screen scrolled
through the Linux loader messages on the screen, that it saw the Chinon
535 CDROM (it was too fast to see what ID and LUN).  However, while trying
to load from CDROM using SETUP, it failed to mount.  Yes, I did run LILO
with a CD in the drive, and I could hear and see the drive checking during
LILO.  I tried to mount the drive every way "that I knew", with NO LUCK.
I later encountered problems at home with my TEAC-55a (yeah I know, how does
this relate, sit tight and I will explain).  I figured that, just maybe a
later version of the kernal would help, so, I went out and purchased the
book LINUX Configuration and Installation by MIS press, this came with
Slackware version 2.3 (kernal version 1.2.8).  This helped a little with
the TEAC-55a (still kinda buggy) and even added something new with the
Chinon 535 CDROM.  I was able to read the LILO messages on the CDROM.
The LILO saw the Chinon 535 and showed ID=2, LUN=0 and said that the
CDROM mounted as 'SR0'.  Again, I said maybe this time I can access the
CDROM and install the full LINUX package, Yes, you can probably guess this one.
No dice;  while trying to access source in the 'SETUP', I receive the following
screen display:

Disk Change detected on device 11/0
scsi: aborting command due to timeout: pid418, scsi0, id2, lun0 0x 08 00 00 10 01 00
aha142x: abort( ), SCpnt=0x003989a0, QUEUE STATUS:
0x003989a0 target=2; lun=0; cmnd=(0x08 00 00 10 01 00); residual=1024;
buffers=1; phase | send_ident|; in other (MESSAGE_IN); next=0x00000000


I also received the following on repeated mounting attempts:

Disc change detected
VFS: Disk change detected on device 11/0
MAX size: 321935    Log zone size: 2048
First datazone: 76  Root inode number 155648

aha152x abort( ), SCpnt=0x003989a0, Queue status
0x003989a0: target=2; lun=0; cmnd (0x08 00 00 4c 01 00);
residual=1024;buffers=1; and like the above etc...

Can somebody please help me with this.  I am new to LINUX
and eventually would like to dig into the heart of Linux.
Just the installation problems have taught me quite a bit.


Thanks to all of the great responses to my TEAC-55a help
from Mr. Brian Wood, Ray Ingles and Gregory D. Nowicki.
I will certainly get on the Internet and get the latest
valid (somewhat safe) kernals.  The QUE book is ok, I do
like the LINUX book by MIS Press (authors= Patrick Volkerding,
Kevin Reichard, and Eric F. Johnson) a little bit better.
I also like the Running Linux book.

What is 'dmesg'.  Is this a command or file.  I tried to
use it as command and then tried to find it as file.
No luck.  If command what is syntax for use.  If file, where
is it?