NIS trouble

NIS trouble

Post by Ian Colquho » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I'm having trouble with NIS between a Digital Unix 4.0 box NIS master server
and a Linux box as an NIS slave. The problem is that the DU master box pushes
out the maps at 1/2 past the hour to all the slaves. All the DU slave boxes
receive the maps correctly, however, the Linux box tends to only receive
partial or corrupt maps.

The Linux box is running kernel v2.0.35 with libc 5.4.44. It is running
yp-tools v2.0, ypserv v1.3.4, and ypbind v3.3. The Digital Unix machine is
running the stock NIS stuff.

One thing that is odd about this Linux machine is that it is using egcs
instead of gcc. I was not able to compile ypbind under egcs so I had to
compile it on another machine and bring over the binary. Could this be
causing some weirdness?!

If anyone has some info on this or is experiencing similar problems I'd love
to hear from you!


Ian Colquhoun

System Administrator - Sheridan College
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


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