darius 14" SVGA monitor settings for X-free86 (four years old)

darius 14" SVGA monitor settings for X-free86 (four years old)

Post by cameron macintos » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00


i am desperately waiting for this information before i can really play
around with x-win.

i need the modes and refresh and horiz/vert sync rates etc.

please, if you have any suggestions or places for me to look, please let
me know.

cameron macintosh


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I've got an ATI Vga Wonder Card as well as a Darius 14" Monitor (just
a generic 1024x768 ni) and would like to see if anyone has the config
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I tried running the config program, but the config files it gave me
won't let X run properly...

Michael Relova               |  Computer Science Undergrad

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