Almost connected (drops ppp connection)

Almost connected (drops ppp connection)

Post by Trevor Le » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Trying to connect...
Using minicom I dial up my ISP, enter my username and password.  At the
prompt, I type ppp.  Next, I receive garbage characters and am
disconnected.  Looks something like,

Async interface address is unnumbered (FastEthernet)
Your IP address is ~.~.~.~   MTU is 1500
Header Compression will match your system
~*garbage chars*~...

Interestingly, if I type a local host name I can connect and access my
unix account (view directories, check mail, etc).  So, I'm pretty sure
the modem is configured properly.  However, at anytime, I can not ping
the DNS servers or get web access.  In order to do this I assume that I
must type ppp at the prompt> but I'm always disconnected within a few
seconds.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,