SW to restore data backed up using Seagate BackupExec NT 7.0?

SW to restore data backed up using Seagate BackupExec NT 7.0?

Post by Frédéric Fau » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


We're fed up with that piece of stuff of backup software. Data are not
encrypted, and we relied on HW compression. Anybody knows whether data can be
read by a Linux-based backup SW?



1. Moving DLT from NT to SunE450: Good SW to replace Seagate BackupExec?


        We're moving our Compaq 15/30GB DLT drive to our Sun
Enterprise 450 because we're sick on NT.

        However, is there a backup SW like Seagate's BackupExec 7.x
under Solaris 2.5.x?  Specifically, this SW should be able to connect
to different PCs on the our LAN, and backup some of their files (eg.

Any good SW out there?


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