Interresting problem with Apache and /etc/passwd

Interresting problem with Apache and /etc/passwd

Post by Haim Dimermana » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00


After reading a lot of posts on this newsgroup, I saw that their are a
lot of people having problems with their authentification process.
Because I don't like to ask something that is answered somewhere, I read
these threads, and of course a lot of the apache documentation. Because
I didn't find any solution, I am posting here. Here is my configuration:

 I am using apache 1.3.6 freshly installed with my debian GNU/Linux 2.1.
I want to restrict access to a directory, so I created a .htaccess file
in this directory as follow :

AuthName "Admin"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /etc/apache/htaccess/cvadmin
require valid-user

 The /etc/apache/htaccess/cvadmin was created with "htpasswd", so I
guess the problem do not come from it. My /etc/apache/access.conf has
the following line it

AllowOverride All

 Now I think you know what my configuration is. My problem is that when
I try to access my restricted directory, the server does not allow any
user listed in the AuthUserFile (error 401), but it allows the one
listed in /etc/passwd. Pretty weird !! I can have a user in /etc/passwd
and not in /etc/apache/htaccess/cvadmin, the server will grant access,
but if my user is not listed in /etc/passwd it doesn't work, even if he
is listed in cvadmin. The error I have on my error.log file is this :

[Wed Jul 28 11:38:57 1999] [error] user dudle not found: /admin

And of course, the username I am trying is dudle.

Any help, any idea would be really appreciated. Thank you for advance.