Cyclades minor device numbers changed + Fix

Cyclades minor device numbers changed + Fix

Post by Alan L. Wen » Fri, 17 May 1996 04:00:00

#  Cyclades minor device numbers were changed to start from 0
#  sometime in rev 1.3.  If you're wanting to boot 1.2 and 1.3
#  systems, you need something to recreate the device files with
#  the correct minor device numbers.  This will need to run at boot.
#  Alan Wendt
#  Caution: I've tested this only on one 1.3.97 system.
case `uname -r` in
while [ $device -lt 128 ]
if [ -c /dev/ttyC$device ]
        rm -f /dev/ttyC$device /dev/cub$device
        mknod /dev/ttyC$device c 19 $minor
        mknod /dev/cub$device c 20 $minor
device=`expr $device + 1`
minor=`expr $minor + 1`


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As I posted before, I can't use the Xterm with the Linux 2.2.2 kernel.
I've read that the major/minor numbers of devices ( tty .etc ) were
changed from the 2.1.115? version.

Well, there is a man page for changing it. But I want a
package or utility programs for chaning it automatically.
( Because the devices are very critical. )

Are there any programs for doing such a thing?



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