Read Only Filesystem

Read Only Filesystem

Post by Citizen Fis » Sun, 10 Mar 2002 18:41:40

I am trying to create a distro that will run on CD only and came across an
interesting site that does just this for games playing. I have been
following their instructions

I want to test the boot before writing to CD and have been doing the

1) using mkinitrd to create an image
2) mount the new image and edit linuxrc to mount the cd-ROM, also change
the directory structure within the image to link to a mounted CD
3) umount image and write to /boot/image.img
4) Change my lilo.conf to:-


Run lilo.conf

I have the following questions:-

a) sometimes I get a kernel panic before linuxrc has run, statin that it
cannot mount the root file system, sometimes I don't ? ..any ideas..this
seems to be linked to changes within the image
b) can somebody explain to me what "root=0x101" means as opposed to

Finally, anybody know of any other sites showing how you can create a
read-only-filesystem distro


Come inside boy - they call this fun!,..........


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I just installed Linux on my machine cause I was curious about the hype.

I ran into a little problem.

After logging in as root, I wanted to change my passwd, but it wouldn't let
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I tried to shutdown, but it said that the File System is Readonly? Does
anyone have any idea what that means?

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