XF86 & ATI Mach64

XF86 & ATI Mach64

Post by magnus.frob.. » Thu, 05 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have some problems setting up XF86 with my ATI Graphics Pro Turbo
PCI (2Mb)...

Is there any one here that has a XF86Config that works with that card?

If you have one, please mail it to me at:

Thanks in advance...


1. XF86 & ATI mach64

 >> The setup is as follows.
 >>         Gateway Crystal Scan 17" monitor
 >>         P166 32Mb
 >>         ATI 3D Rage (mach_64) 2Mb Video Card

Are you using XFree86 3.2A ?? That solved my Mach64 problem.



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