Redhat 4.2 and Metro-X problems

Redhat 4.2 and Metro-X problems

Post by Peter Hvezd » Mon, 14 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I've just installed Redhat Linux 4.2 and Metro-X, however when I startx,
the Xwindowing
system is all screwed up. It's like I have 3 or 4 images of what is
being displayed all
displaying slightly to the left and right of each other. This happens in
all the resolutions.

I am using an ATI Graphics Pro Turbo (Mach 64) card and driver. The
monitor type is

for this monitor?).

Any help in solving this problem or where I could find documentation on
this type of
problem would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi all, call me stupid but I can,t figure this one out! I am running on
a 486-66 with 20megs of memory, and a paradise WD9031 video card. All
seems to be ok. However when I run X (Metro-X) using FVWM95-2 (comes
with redhat 4.1) and Netscape V3.01, The goto (URL) box in Netscape
becomes black on black when I type into it. The tool text from the
botton bar is also black on black, and when I go to AltaVista the search
box becomes black on black when I type into it. I've tried many
variations but can't change this FVWM95 (?) behaviour. I also notice
that in the game XPAT, the menus are black on black. However, all other
programs seem to be ok. Is there a known solution for this (I have
searched far and wide)? Thanks...

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