Problem converting mgetty faxes to readable format

Problem converting mgetty faxes to readable format

Post by Mike Fris » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        I recently installed mgetty+sendfax 0.22 on my Linux system and
everything seems to be working perfectly (ie. I can receive data and FAX
calls successfully).  My only problem is that the bundled utilities
(g3topbm and g3cat) that come with the package will not allow me to
convert FAX documents into something readable.  Both of these utilities
give me "invalid code" messages on EVERY line in the FAX document.  I have
also tried the '-r' option on g3topbm, but it doesn't help.  Is there
something I am missing here?  I simply want to convert the documents into
a readable format.

        I am using a SupraFAXmodem v.32bis and have made the changes as
per the FAQ bundled with the package.  Any assistance would be greatly





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