Caldera Preview Review

Caldera Preview Review

Post by Dave Hwan » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I install the Caldera Preview over the weekend, and just thought I'd
post my impressions of it. Personally, I think a lot of things were sort
of cumbersome, such as rm, cp, and mv defaulting to -i. But I set up
linux on my brother's computer, and he knows very little about linux and
system administration. If CND looks good, I'd buy a copy for him.

Installation was pretty easy. At first, the boot disk had a hard time
recognizing my SoundBlaster CDROM drive, but a powerdown and cold boot
fixed that. Warm boot must have left the soundblaster card in a weird
state that it didn't recover from.

The Red Hat Installation process was very easy. It walks you through
everything. I really like the Red Hat package installation/removal
tools. You can see what files are where, and there's a source code
package for many of the binary packages. Usercfg and the Printer tool
are great too. I bought an HP LJ4, but hadn't had time to go through the
Printing-HOWTO. The printer tool brought my printer up for me. The
hardest part was coming up with a name (lp, for now).

Some things were sort of confusing. Under Slackware, I'm used to X
config files under /usr/X11/lib/X11, but there are things under
/etc/X11/ (so I learned by rtfm).

I didn't like the fact that rm is compiled as rm -i, etc... I think it's
probably due to the fact that the whole RHS/Caldera thing is supposed to
help the average, new user, and prevent him from shooting himself in the
foot. rm -r is easier than trying to use a GUI equivalent, but hey, if
you're not careful... =)

I know it's just the preview, but there are some desirable features
missing or too well hidden for me. For example, how do you change the
executable properties of Icons. I've noticed that some programs, like
emacs, or xtetris, have their own icon assigned to them, and execute
directly from the command line. A lot of executables pop up a new
terminal window to let you know it's running, and stick around until
after you're done. I'd like to make those apps launch directly, and also
associate one of the icons from the gallery to it. Is this possible?
Using the Icon editor, it seems I can only edit the icons. There's no
way for me to change an apps assoc. icon or how it's launched.

In all though, I think that the graphical sysadmin tools are a big plus,
especially for a new-to-linux user. My brother doesn't have to go
through a notebook and look up my list of cryptic commands, because it's
much more self-explanatory.

Personally, I think GUI's get to be a lot of baggage, if you know the
CLI equivalents, but I'm pretty impressed, and I think this is a big
step to opening the linux market to the non-hacker community.

I don't like buying software, unless it's a good game, because usually
it's overpriced and underpowered, esp. Windows apps. I'll pay money more
good applications at good prices. I have no problem with that. I'm all
for commercial applications for linux, as long as their not priced like

Dave Hwang


1. Caldera 1st Preview Support!

     I ordered my copy two days ago and it arrived today!
Anyways, I installed it this morning and been messing
around with it all day. Seems there is alot more it than
I imagined.  At this moment there is no personal support
tor this Preview version.  I noticed there are a few users
here that recieved Caldera and there are a few others
in the comp.os.linux.misc group.  Since setup is a
breeze and I m sure that others will have some problems
once inside the desktop, I propose we share our
experiences and our Caldera problems in the
comp.os.linux.misc group.  I will post my difficulties
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