pppd problems w/ kernel 2.2.5

pppd problems w/ kernel 2.2.5

Post by Eric Christense » Mon, 24 May 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

    After upgrading to kernel 2.2.5, I have run into a number of problems
using pppd. The latest seems to be that although I can establish a
connection via modem with no problem, pppd immediately dies with the
message: "ioctl: (PPPIOCGUNIT): operation not permitted (1)". I checked the
docs with the new distribution and the only thing that seems relevant is
that you may get an error such as this with an incompatable or older version
of pppd. My version is 2.3.5, which as far as I know is pretty recent.
    Hoping that this is a pretty common phenomenon, and that someone with
more experience might have encountered it before. If this rings a bell with
anyone please let me know.



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Hey there-

I got a problem with my new ISP. Whenever I try connecting, I get one of
two error messages:
"Could not determin remote IP" or "PAP authentication failed for " (yes,
no username given in the auth error.

I been provided with the following script:
pppd connect "chat -v '' ATZ OK
ATM0DT95040850390000 CONNECT " /dev/cua1
38400 \ crtscts modem defaultroute noipdefault
proxyarp +ua
/root/mpap -bsdcomp \ domain netlink.se
In this script the now obsolete parameter +ua is used, I don't know how
to "translate" this into a usable script for pppd-2.3.5. Already tried
pppsetup-2.09, but it fails with this particular ISP.

Any clues as to how to avoid the +ua flag? With still getting a

thanks in advance,


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