help crack rc5-64 in the name of linux!

help crack rc5-64 in the name of linux!

Post by gippa » Sun, 02 Nov 1997 04:00:00

The effort to crack the rc5-64 encryption protocol is underway.  Help
contribute to the effort and help linux by using your idle processor
time to help crack the code.

Go to for more info and how to join the Linux
group's efforts.  Currently we are in 8th place but we are rising fast!


1. rc5-64/rc5-128 crypto lib/code for unix

Hi, wonder if there are any library with rc5-64 and/or rc5-128
encryption functions like the standard libcrypt and libdes librarys
on unix. or source code with fully working crypt/decrypt functions.

Bjorn Lindgren

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