help: Rehat 6.1 install hangs on eth0

help: Rehat 6.1 install hangs on eth0

Post by John Thompso » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm installing Redhat 6.1 on a Gateway G180 Pentium Pro.  Destined to
be a fileserver on a home network (maybe eventually the household
firewall).  Currently a Win98 system running internet connection
sharing is the firewall and DHCP server for the LAN.

The initial Redhat install went without a glitch but when the system
reboots after the initial install finishs, it hangs while bringing up
eth0 (stops, never getting an OK or failed).  I've tried 2 different
ethernet cards (intel pro/10+ PCI and Netgear FA310tx), same result.
The Netgear card stated explicit support for Linux on the box.

I tried using DHCP or manually configuring the network info.  I
already have a Redhat 5.2 (486) system on my LAN with SAMBA configure
to provide file services, so am reasonably confident I have the basics

Any suggestions on how to get the ethernet card running much

Thanks in advance,
John Thompson


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I can't get eth0 at all on my new install of RedHat 6.1and my 3Com
3C509b. I tried turning off PNP on the NIC, but it still isn't
recognized during install. I can use ifconfig to manually install
eth0, but after reboot it shows eth0 "failed". I'm a Linux newbie, so
any suggestions on what I might need to do would be greatly

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