HELP> Dual boot>>EZ-BIOS RedhatLinux & WIN98 and a WD60GB Caviar Disk??

HELP> Dual boot>>EZ-BIOS RedhatLinux & WIN98 and a WD60GB Caviar Disk??

Post by Dan Rober » Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:46:33

Hello All
I have an OLD AST Bravo >6 Years old and i just installed a new 60GB
WD Caviar disk into the computer.
The question is:
How do I install this drive as a dual boot drive when WIN98 is present
and the computer must use EZ-BIOS.  I was hoping to use
PartitionMagic6.0 to setup this drive to I could install Linux.
Please help me out it seems to me that EZ-BIOS and etc mess up my
plans to set this new drive up as a daul WIN98/LINUX boot Box!

If I hooked this new drive up to one of these MAXTOR Ultra/100PCI
Adapter Cards would all my troubles go away and I could dual boot this
drive jsut like I am used to?

How can I tell what the largest size drive my current Phenoix
v4.06.15C will support natively?

If anyone could provide specific directions on how to set this box up
correctly that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Dan Roberts


1. LILO help <><><><><><>

I just installed RH6 on a box that only had a 50MB DOS partition to
begin with.
During the RH install, I used Disk Druid to set up additional
partitions as follows:
/       ~1 GB
swap    ~40 MB
/usr    ~500 MB
/boot   ~10 MB

When prompted, I told it to install LILO into the "/boot" partition.

Upon restarting the system after the install, it booted into DOS again
from my origional active DOS partition.

I tried booting from the emergency rescue disk that I was prompted to
create during the install, but it gives me an error "0x10" and stops.

I can boot using the RH "boot.img" boot disk, hitting F4, and then
inserting the "rescue.img" disk made from dosutils on the RH CD, but I
have no idea what to do from there.

I want to make the thing boot with LILO and ask whether to start DOS or
boot Linux (as default). I realize now that I probably shoud've just
told it to install LILO into the MBR.

Please tell me there is an easy/painless way to get LILO to do this
without re-installing totally.

Please respond via Email to:  jack972 [<at>] netzero [<dot>] net

Many thanks!

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