PS/2 mouse causes keyboard to vanish

PS/2 mouse causes keyboard to vanish

Post by Martin Hil » Fri, 19 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone had the following problem? When I plug a PS/2 mouse in to my PS/2
mouse port, linux no longer recognizes my keyboard (under XFree and virtual
console).  I don't have this problem in DOS/Win, or with LILO. The problem goes
away if I unplug the mouse.

My setup is:

ASUS P5A-A ATX motherboard with AMD CPU
cheapo AT style keyboard with adapter to make it work with the new small plug
BIOS set to auto-detect PS/2 mouse and assign IRQ 12

I suspect an interrupt conflict, but since I can't type I can't see it!

Any thoughts appreciated!




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  No, it's a desktop. It is a Microstar MS-6163 ATX BX13 motherboard based on
Intel 82443BX/PIIX4E chipset.

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