httpd.conf and web log files

httpd.conf and web log files

Post by ImaLuze » Fri, 06 Apr 2001 02:11:16

I've been working with a Linux box where the httpd access logs are separated
by domain. Each virtual domain has it's own access-log and I could set up
logrotate to handle each log differently.

The Cobalt Raq3i machines that I have all have a combined access log. I'd
like to adjust how logrotate handles log for individual domains, but I can't
since the log is combined.

Is there a way to change the httpd.conf so that it doesn't combine the logs?
Is it possible to just add:

"CustomLog /var/log/httpd/some.domain-access_log"

to each virtual directory and those without it would be logged in the
default directory?


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I'm often testing Apache httpd.conf setups using a parallel
DocumentRoots.  I'd like to be able to use variables in httpd.conf file,
such that:

   $dir = 'test_dir';

   DocumentRoot /usr/local/web/$dir
   <Directory /urs/local/web/$dir/some_dir>

And when ready to use on live data just change:

   $dir = 'live_data';

or some such thing.

Any tricks for doing this?


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