No LILO boot prompt with RedHat 6.1

No LILO boot prompt with RedHat 6.1

Post by Dave Kea » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

 I recently added a 6.4G drive and "upgraded" to Win98 and RedHat 6.1
 but don't get a boot prompt from LILO.  My drives are configured as

 IDE1: hda - 6.4G (Master) - single FAT32 partition
       hdb - 1G (Slave) - linux natives including / as hdb1
 IDE2: hdc - CDROM (Master)
       hdd - 1.2G (Slave) - other linux native partitions

 I have tried several installations with RedHat 6.1, all with LILO
 installed on the MBR of hda, but none produces a LILO boot prompt.
 LILO worked fine when I had RedHat3 and Win3.1 installed separately
 on just the two 1G drives on IDE1.

 If I create a /boot partition, linux will only boot from the boot
 disk.  Without /boot, linux boots if it is the default. In either
 case, if dos is the default, it boots only if hdd is disconnected
 from the ribbon cable; otherwise the boot process hangs at the
 "Windows 98" screen.   / or /boot is always hdb1.
 Choosing the "linear" LBA option doesn't seem to matter.

 Is this a RH 6.1, LILO, or BIOS hard drive geometry problem?

 I'm willing to invest in another large hard drive to consolidate
 the linux partitions to the IDE1 slave, if that will solve the
 problem.  But I would prefer to use another workaround if one

 Dave Kean

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