RH7 Installation Boot Disk Fails

RH7 Installation Boot Disk Fails

Post by P » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 08:58:10

When I try to install Red Hat Linux 7 from my hard drive using a boot
diskette, the install program tells me the boot disk has failed.

I created two boot diskettes, both with boot.img and the rawrite
utility.  I booted the computer using one of the diskettes, and the
installation program appeared.  I pressed Enter to start the
installation, and, after a "loading" message and a few moments, a
message appeared saying that the boot disk failed and asking me to use
another disk.  I switched to the other boot diskette, and the same thing

Both diskettes were new and unused, one of the diskettes was
preformatted, and the other I formatted before running rawrite.  These
were Memorex diskettes; if that matters.

Also, I notice the "How to Download Red Hat Linux" page on
www.redhat.com says to use boot.img for the boot disk, while the
installation FAQ says to run rawrite twice, first using boot.img and
again using a file called supp.img (not found on any FTP site I
checked).  I used the former method.

If you have an answer, please e-mail me a copy of your response at



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i have a problem with my newly installed RH7.2.
during the installation, i chose to boot up linux with a boot floppy and did
not install any boot loader. however, after the installation finished and the
machine restarted, the respone was some kinda of message "SYSLINUX...boot
failed". i suspected that the floppy i used to creat the boot disk was not
working properly......kindly please help advise what i should do to boot into
linux and creat another boot disk??

i've tried to make another disk with boot.img and RAWRITE from RH FTP site but
the disk created seems to help with boot up machine for installation only...

thanks very much in advance for any help.


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