Dosemu will not compile (kernel 1.1.94)

Dosemu will not compile (kernel 1.1.94)

Post by Kevin D Smolkows » Sun, 26 Feb 1995 03:48:31

I am having problems compiling dosemu 0.52.  Here is the error

ld -s   -T 0x20000000 -o libdosemu \
   emu.o termio.o disks.o keymaps.o timers.o cmos.o mouse.o dosio.o
   cpu.o xms.o mfs.o bios_emm.o lpt.o serial.o dyndeb.o sigsegv.o
   video.o bios.o init.o net.o d pmi/dpmi.o dpmi/ldtlib.o dpmi/call.o
   dpmi/ldt.o   -ltermcap -lc
ld: cannot open linker script file 0x20000000: No such file or directory

It seems that the linker option -T has changed.  I tried using
the option -Tbss 0x20000000 but then when I run "dos" it segfaults.



Dosemu will not compile (kernel 1.1.94)

Post by Aki Niirane » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 19:38:51


> I am having problems compiling dosemu 0.52. ...  

> Help!


:) ?

      Kuopio | Finland


1. Dosemu 0.53+Linux 1.1.94 (no-compile!)

After finally finding Dosemu0.53 (thankx, all), I am now having a
great deal of trouble getting it to compile.  "make doeverything"
results in the following:

/bin/sh ./tools/ /usr/src/linux ./
missing /usr/src/linux/tools/version.h, giving up!
make: *** [include/kversion.h] Error 1

Why is there no tools subdirectory in the 1.1.94 kernel distribution?
Is there a replacement for this?  Can I download, say, 1.1.75 and get
a tools directory out of it?

Thanks for any help....

| Aron Hsiao - Owner, Unification Technologies: The Future Company |


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