Newbie trying to setup intranet with Redhat 5.1

Newbie trying to setup intranet with Redhat 5.1

Post by RSuzuk » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to setup a small intranet serving html documents from a Redhat
5.1 server running Apache to Windows 95 and 98 clients.  I can currently
browse documents from the Windows machines if I enter the IP address of the
Linux box ( or something like that).  I would like to match a fake
domain name to this IP so I could enter something like
in the address field of the browser.  I would appreciate any help you can
give me.

1. Newbie Redhat 5.1 Setup Question

Newbie Redhat 5.1 Setup Question

I just read the first couple of chapters in a Que Distribution of Linux.

I have a PII400 with a 12GB HDD and a 540 MB HDD that is currently dual
booting with NT 4.0 Server and Windows 98.

The Drives are currently set up as follows:
 C: 2GB  (NT and Windows 98)
 D: 540MB Slave used for Backing up Downloaded Programs
 E: 2GB
 F: 2GB
 G: 4GB
 H: 2GB
(Initially I tried to install NT on drive e but I kept getting the BSOD so I
gave up and left it at c:  because when it was here it brought up the
selection to choose on boot-up.)

What I would like to do is to install Linux on drive F and have the NT
loader ask me which I want to boot into.

In preliminary testing Druid showed:

Primary: 2gb
Second: 540MB
Third: 10GB

What I am confused about is that it didnt see the drives as separate
partitions but as a whole.  I stopped the installation at this point as I
use drives G and H for all of my application installs.

Should I just move the stuff on the 540MB to another partition and install
Linux on that?

Thank you for your time


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