1.3.x installation

1.3.x installation

Post by Joe Bott » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a very unccessful attempt at installing the 2nd edition of
the 1.3.x. I have a 486dx2-66 with 16megs of ram and two hard drives. My
/dev/hda contains msdos stuff (ex.win95)and my /dev/hdb has nothing on
it. It used to have nt and a 1.2.1. linux kernel, although I formated it
to install the 1.3.x.. I now have appr.520 megs ready for the using. The
problem I'm having is trying to mount my sony cdu31a cdrom during the
installation. It doesn't work. The book says that this cdrom is
supported, although it doen't say how to mount it during the install.
The install uses the cdrom to initialize the installation and then is no
longer recognized. The cdrom is not auto-probing so the mount has to be
done with the address. This is what I have tryed. Install cdu31a=0x340,0
and the install starts and stops saying that cdrom not recognized,
kernel failed. If anyone can help I would be very appreciative.
                        thanks for your time,


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OK, after installing 1.3.68/69/70/71 and getting such severe problems
with eth0: timeout, eth0: infinate loop in interrupt, and eth0: locking
up I went in and put an NE2000 compatable card in the box and all the
errors disappeared instantly.  Therefore, this is definately a 3c509
driver problem (these cards test fine in a DOS box, with both the 3com
testing program, and also a testing kit throwing 10MB/set looped at it).

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