"etho init delayed" " symbol for parameter io not found" Help .....

"etho init delayed" " symbol for parameter io not found" Help .....

Post by Bob Marti » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

> Well the header says it all , after having my RH 5.2 box up for over 35
> days without a hitch , I powered it down to move some things in the
> "computer closet" (am I the only one who has one ? ) and when I booted
> it back up everything goes ok to the point of it trying to bring up my
> NIC and thats when the "insmod: /lib/modules/preferred/net/3c509.o:
> symbol for parameter io not found " comes up , now unfortunately I am
> not adept yet with linux to really know what it is telling me here ....

> Is the file "3c509.o" corrupt? ( cuz it is in the path that it is
> looking for ) or is there something else that I need to look at to make
> this work , now to give you all a little info , the nic has PNP disabled
> and is set manually , the settings do not conflict with anything  ( only
> a sound card and a pci video card in the box ) and I tried a different
> NIC that is the same model and settings and still the same error  :^(

Most of the NIC modules require you pass the io address and sometimes
the IRQ as option to the module when you load it. You should have
something in /etc/conf.modules to handle this. sounds like you are not
passing it the i/o address of the NIC.

Bob Martin