Help: installing red hat 4.2 hard drive/zip problems

Help: installing red hat 4.2 hard drive/zip problems

Post by jebel » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Here's the problem.  When I start the red hat installation to install from
the cd-rom, it goes fine until I get to the partitioning part.  At that
point the program only seems to recognize my zip drive as /dev/hdc and will
only run fdisk on it via the edit command on that menu.  I have a 6.4 gig
hard drive put into 4 partitions: 1 2.1 gig that is FAT16 and contains
win95, a 2nd 2.1 gig that is fat16 and is a logical drive and a 3rd 2.1 gig
partition that used to be a logical drive until I deleted it to make room.
I also have a 4th partition that is ~70 megs that is within the first 1024
cylinders.  I would welcome any suggestions on what I have done wrong and
what I can do to make them right again.

Jeff Bell


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I'm trying to install Red Hat 4.2 on my system, which has a zip drive and a
6.4 gig HD partitioned into 3 equal 2.1 gig drives.  When I run the install
software that comes with Red Hat and I get to the disk partitioning step, it
says that my only disk is the zip drive.  Do I need to eliminate one of the
DOS partitions and then will the program say that I have a hard drive? Or do
I need to do something else?

Thanks for any help,
Jeff Bell

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