Newbie with boot disk problem in RH 5.2

Newbie with boot disk problem in RH 5.2

Post by Ned Latha » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I made a boot disk during the install, and on testing, it produced the
message ERROR 0x10 (this was after loading vmliuz). So I made
another (on a different floppy) with mkbootdisk. Same result.
Can anyone help?

Details are:

No IDE drives (BIOS sees no masters).
One Adaptec SCSI card hosting a Seagate 2.0 G disk.

Doze 98 on sda1, LILO in MBR.

First install: Debian from floppy, / on sda2, swap on sda3. Kernel
Second install: RH 5.2 from CD ROM, / on sda5, swap on sda6. Dunno
what happened to sda4.

With both installs, I had to give the install prog. a parameter for the
something like "aha152x=0x370".

Linux runs fine booting from sda5, but ...



1. Can't create boot disk in RH 5.2 installation

I didn't see any previous message or FAQ item deal with this.

When I tried  install Red Hat Linux 5.2, the installation proceeds
essentially flawlessly until the very
last two steps; the one where you create a boot disk, and the one where
LILO (and other things?) is
installed on the hard disk.  If I try to do either of these things, I
get an error message which simply tells me that "There was an error"
(what was the error?) and that the installation will not proceed any
further.  What is going wrong and how do I get around this?

Installing RH 5.2 via CD-ROM, using a floppy boot disk which came with
the distribution
Computer is a 133MHz 586 with 28.8Megs of RAM
Disk is 1.6Gig, 50% of which is partitioned (via fdisk) for Windows NT
and the remaining 50% was
partitioned for linux using Disk Druid during the linux installation.
All my devices are auto-detected properly, and all the packages install
without a hitch.
The linux partition on my hard disk of course is not formatted in any
way (since linux defines its own file structure), nor were the floppies
I tried to use to create a boot disk.

Please help!


Scott Hawley
Austin, TX

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