installing Linux (slackware/redhat w/Adaptec 2920 (PCI SCSI-2) controller

installing Linux (slackware/redhat w/Adaptec 2920 (PCI SCSI-2) controller

Post by Brent Johnso » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Have a question for anyone out there -- I have tried to get RH Linux as
well as Slackware ver of linus to see my SCSI-2 adaptor but for some
reason, it refuses to see it (looked at the RH web site for support, it
says the card is supported, but they don't give very much documentation
on how to get the system to install it.)

DOS/Windows loves the controller w/proper drivers but LINUX hates it...

Brent Johnson


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Hi folks,

Just installed Red Hat 5.2. During the installation process the list of
SCSI controllers supported did not include the Adaptec 2920 (other
Adaptec cards were on the list, but not the 2920).

Has anybody got RH5.2 to recognise this kind of SCSI card ? I've got a
pair of seagate 4GB drives I'd DEARLY like to use.

Persumably I have to get the kernel module to support this adaptor from
somewhere ?

Best Regards

Phil Richardson


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