mini-linux help

mini-linux help

Post by Eric M. Johns » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I was trying to get mini-linux running and am encountering the
following error during boot:
"hd.c: ST-506 interface disk with more than 16 heads detected,
probably due to non-standard sector translation.  giving up.
(disk 0: cyl=708, sect=63, head=32)"

then a few more things about not being able to mount the file system,
etc and it fails.

if I look in my CMOS, my HD is set up as cyl=1416 (half what
mini-linux sees), sect=63, heads=32 (twice what mini-linux sees).

anybody know if I can work around this?  my reason for even trying
mini-linux is I don't have tons of free HD space to dedicate to a
full-blown linux set-up, and I only use it to dial in to work
occasionally.  if someone can recommend a better version (monkey,
doslinux, ?) that has modem support and X, will work under DOS, not
huge, etc, that'd be helpful too.


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1. Mini-Linux Help

I wanted to install mini-lunix on my Pc
to try out lunix before repartioning my
hard drive. All seemed to well until I
tried to run it.

 I get the message:
"hd.c ST-506 interface disk with more than
16 heads detected. Probably due to non-standard
sector translation. Giving Up.
(disk0:  cyl=528, sect=63, head=32)"

"kernal panic: UFS; unable to mount root"

 Which laeds with my only option being
the three finger salute.

 Can anyone help my poor pathatec soul?


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