Keytable for a gateway 2000 (124 key) keyboard

Keytable for a gateway 2000 (124 key) keyboard

Post by W. Oswal » Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Does any one have a keytable for a gateway 2000 anykey keyboard. I
believe it has 124 keys. RedHat 4.0 only has a 101 type keymap.

Bill Oswald


1. Gateway 2000 124+ AnyKey Keyboard and numeric '+' in X


I am a new user of Linux and X, so excuse me if this is a stupid question.
I seem to be having problems with my Gateway 2000 124+ AnyKey keyboard in X.
 The '+' key on the numeric keypad does not appear to be functioning
properly all of the time.  For example, when I press '+' in an xterm, it
appears as a "," (comma).  Further, I am not able to change resolutions by
using the Ctl-Alt-'+' command.  However, when I press the '+' key in another
application, say Emacs or Netscape, it functions correctly, printing a "+".

I believe the problem is related to the keyboard settings in my XF86Config
file.  During the installation procedure, I selected "Generic 101 Key
Keyboard."  I have looked in several HOWTOs, but I have not found a solution
to this problem.  Please reply with any suggestions you might have.

Michael Harder
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