Sugestions for Proxy and WWW Server

Sugestions for Proxy and WWW Server

Post by Sandro Jurad » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hiya !

I'm looking for advices :)

I just got a new server with Linux and want to use it as a WWW and Proxy
Server. What I want to know is, what products for WWW and Proxy do you
recomend ?. Actually, I have for WWW CERN, NCSA and Apache. For Proxy, I
have Squid, CERN and Apache.

I've used Apache before with good results, but I want to know if there is
maybe a better combination of WWW and Proxy (this last specially) to get a
good performance :)

Thanks !

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1. Novell Netware WWW Servers versus Linux WWW Servers

  could you please consider this posting on behalf of a colleague :

        Does any one have experience with Novell Netware  WEB servers, e.g.
        Sitebuilder ?
        Are they stable, do they properly support modern WWW facilities, such as
        CGI, SSI?
        Unless I provide my college with strong reasons in favour of a Linux
        based WWW server, they will switch to a Novell Netware based one, due to
        the lack of Unix expertise within the college.
        I will be most grateful for any advise on this matter.


        Dr Persephoni Karaolani, Senior Lecturer, I.T. Department,
        Liverpool Hope University College, Woolton Road,

Thanks in advance.


Paul Hazlewood
Research Assisstant
I.T. Department,
Liverpool Hope University College, Woolton Road,
Liverpool L16 8ND


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