Success in installation of KDE with RedHat 5.0 for Intel ( Hurricane )

Success in installation of KDE with RedHat 5.0 for Intel ( Hurricane )

Post by Yoke Meng Ki » Fri, 19 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hello ! All,

For those of you who like to try KDE and using RedHat 5.0 for Intel PC [
kernel 2.0.32 ], please see the following .

I got all the KDE packages from

I also download gcc-2.8.1 [ files  gcc-2.8.1-1,  gcc-c++-2.8.1-1,
gcc-objc-2.8.1-1 ] from
and  libstdc++-  from

I start the installation in the following sequence:





I do not know what is the distribution, libc5 or libc6 !  They are
under  gcc-2.8.1  directory !!! At least it work !!!


1. KDE with Redhat 5.0 (Hurricane)

This refers to the C-library Version #6.

Red Hat 5.x was made using this library. You SHOULD install both the Qt
and the KDE version that is suited to this! (Red Hat also has the old C
libraries, but I would avoid fighting with them.)

Don't forget to extend your PATH with the KDE directories!

Good luck

Janos Ero
(who needed 5 evenings to install KDE on Red Hat 5.0)

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