Ethernet card found during installation but I see error msgs on console (server installation)

Ethernet card found during installation but I see error msgs on console (server installation)

Post by Christian Hame » Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:00:00

    I have just setted up a linux server running Redhat 5.2 on my system.
During installation, it detected successfully my ethernet card.  I entered
the IP, domain name host name and subnet mask.
    Once the installation finished, when my server is online, I see strange
error msg on console and can't do networking.  I can't ping my others
machine running win98 over the network.  Here are an example of the msg I
got at the console :
        eth0: 21140 transmit timed out, status f0200000, SIA 000000c6
                              fff8ffff 8ff40000, resetting...
        eth0: Transmit timed out, switching to 100baseTx media.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Tanx in advance.

    Christian Hamel
    Montral, Qubec


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Can anyone help me.

OK, here's the problem.
I want to install Red Hat linux 6.1.
I boot the installation CD directly from my CDRW.

after checking my hardware for a minute, the installation
hangs, and it says:

Fatal Server Error: No Screen Found.

This is my first time messing up with any linux, so I have
no idea what it means.

could somebody tell me what's wrong with the installation?

Ok, here's my computer hardware configuration:

ATI Xpert 2000 32 MB.
Soundblaster PCI 128
Asus P5A with AMD K6-2 450Mhz
Sony CDRW 4x4x24
Motorolla 56K Voice modem

And I also have Windows 98 SE installed on my PC.

Please can somebody help me??

Thank you in advance

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