Made a stupid mistake in /etc/lilo.conf -- SOLVED!

Made a stupid mistake in /etc/lilo.conf -- SOLVED!

Post by Barry L. Bo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Greetings (Hal, Leonard, Yan, Tom, and anyone/every else)!

     I'm back on!  <whew>

     I restored five files which had been located in /boot which had
"2.2.5-22" in them (SystemMap, vmlinuz, etc.).

     Having done the full upgrade and restore of my files, I've been having
to rerun some configuration files which I ran early after getting the
system, such as sndconfig, etc.  But, I'm back up, and everything looks
pretty good, and I'm getting there again!

     Hey, I want to say I REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP of everyone who tried
to help me here!  I plan on offering assistance to anyone I can, as time
permits, and as I learn more!

     I'm grateful for people who read news who can help me with problems
such as this!

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