More Questions Zip HP722c Starting PPP

More Questions Zip HP722c Starting PPP

Post by Rodney Loise » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to the discussions in this group and a lot of reading or docs
I have in four weeks gotten this far:

Installed RH5.1 (Have to boot from floppy)
Gotten access to the CDRom
Finally got the modem to work a couple of days ago. (Yes you have to
   shut off pnp aware in bios and Win 95 still works...)
Can get access to floppy sometimes.
Got the 800x600 screen in X I had been trying to get for 3 weeks.
    (the hsync was wrong...)

Next of many more things to do:
1. Get access to the data partition VFat on hda7 for both Windoze and
   Linux. Access to ide/?atapi recognized as hdb by Linux and gives
   "Error hdb: drive reports size of 0mbytes and 100mbytes"
   There's lot's of discussion on this matter but I need info like
   a. (if applicable) RPM <this file>
   b. give this command on the command line or in etc/fstab.
2. I can dial into my isp but since I got the 800x600 xwindows
   the alt-<x> commands in minicom won't respond for some reason.
   I really don't know what to do next after I get the ppp going.
    I have configured the tcp thing but do I need to just give the
    command "ppp up"? if I can get out of minicom?
    The various config files seem to be okay except
    the one that has just local host in it.
    Netscape can't find the DNS but I know those numbers are okay.
3. HPprinter 722c. I'm using the 5xxc-6xxc that worked okay on my
   Amiga just to see if I can print anything at all but there's a
    log file that just gathers up "out of paper" lines ad infinatum,
    my system slows down and I can't shutdown the system without
    resetting the computer. Can't get a driver into the Linus setup
    without access to the outside 'world' from Linux itself.

Appreciate any help. I'll keep reading the docs....