lilo misbehaves on redhat 6.1

lilo misbehaves on redhat 6.1

Post by morz » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

i've just installed 6.1 over mandrek 6.1, i have four partitions on my hd,
and run dos, sco unix, redhat, and broken-up debian 2.1(could not quite
figure out how to install it)
after i installed redhat, i rebooted and lilo showed two partitions : linux
and dos, since these were the only partitions defined in lilo.conf,
i edited /etc/lilo.conf, /sbinned, was told that sco and debian are added
and rebooted
no change, i edited lilo.conf several more times, /sbin/lilo-ed, rebooted,
no effect
i even updated the install, and deleted lilo file, even after the file was
deleted, the box rebooted in lilo, still with dos and linux as boot options
eventually, i shut the box down, and let it cool for a few minutes, when i
rebooted, i got what i wanted, lilo with four boot options:
dos, linux, sco , and debian
can anyone explain what went on?  could a copy of the original lilo.conf
somehow persisted in ram between numerous reboots?
ps redhat 6.1 is very nice

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