HELP: Slackware 2.2.0 won't recognize my ATAPI/IDE CDROM drive

HELP: Slackware 2.2.0 won't recognize my ATAPI/IDE CDROM drive

Post by Tamara L. Gibs » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

        I've recently purchased slackware on CDROM but can't seem to get
the thing installed onto my system from the CDROM drive.  When I use the
idecd.gz boot disk I get no confimation that my drive exists and when I
try to run setup it says that it can't find a CDROM drive attached to
either the primary or secondary conroller.

        The problem, I suspect, is that the drive is attached to a
jumperless Mitsumi Mozart sound card.  The drive is also a Mitsumi but
has an IDE interface.  DOS/Windows have no problem with the drive but, of
course, DOS loads the proper drivers that configure the I/O address and
IRQ at bootup.

        If anyone has dealt with this problem before and found a
solution, I'd appreciate hearing it.  I know that if worse comes to worse
I can load the CD onto my hard drive and install from there but I'd like
to be able to access the CDROM drive in the future from Linux as well.

T. Gibson


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Intel Endeavour, pentium m/bd with 2xIDE channels.

2x 1gig hard disks on channel one
1xNEC 4x cdrom on channel 2....(only device on ch2)

Slackware 3.0 setup prog & boot/root floppies NEVER find the CD
Let alone work out what to do with these big disks...

Any suggestions welcome.

Best regards and many TIA
lee hiscott

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