Moving system from one drive to another

Moving system from one drive to another

Post by Don Rub » Fri, 10 Feb 1995 03:34:46

I have outgrown the IDE drive I have linux on (2 partitions
1 for linux, 1 swap). Can someone tell me a way to move all
the stuff (including LILO so it will boot) from the linux
partition to a new partition on a larger IDE drive. I then
want to remove the "old" IDE and use it on another PC.
I would prefer not to backup and restore but will do it if
there's no easier way. Thanks...

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Sounds good to me. This is the way I do it every week:
  o go to single-user
  o umount slave (backup) drive
  o cd /
  o tar -cv (to tape drive)
  o mount slave drive
  o cd to slave drive
  o tar -xv

I also have boot floppies containing:
  o autoboot of master drive
  o autoboot of slave  drive
  o LILO

     San Diego , Ca        17 July 1995 - <fsck> actually accepts the

QSL? QRU? QRZ? QLZ? QFA?   and it works - saving the disk (and the day).

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