Newbie needs help on partitioning his hd fer linux

Newbie needs help on partitioning his hd fer linux

Post by Sorre » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Okay here is the deal
I have 1, 1.7 gb hd that i partitioned into 2 hd. 1 = 1.6gb, 2 = 100mb.
And i want to use the 2nd part of my first hard drive for linux. By the
way i used Partition Magic 3.0. How would i do this?  So far I got to
the fdisk screen and am stuck right now.  Please help I cant stand
MicroCrash Windows 95 anymore.



1. I need help installing Linux (Red Hat 6.0) on partitioned HD

I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 6.0.  I have a 13 Gig HD which is
partitioned into Win NT, Win 98 and (hopefully) Linux.  I have set aside about
a Gig for the Linux.

I made a bootup disk using the rawrite executable from boot.img.  I boot up OK,
and the follow the directions.  I choose CDROM as the source, and then the
system just locks up (I waited two hours for something to happen - nothing).

Is there something I am missing?

(Please reply here as I don't like to have my E-mail availabel for the

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