newbie req help with install

newbie req help with install

Post by a.. » Mon, 09 Jun 1997 04:00:00

downloaded the kernal sbpcd.i (this is for a sound blaster with a
panasonic cdrom attached, with ide drivers, i believe.)
LILO starts, and prompts:
it wants, according to the screen, where the root is.
i tried ramdisk, /dev/fd0, /dev/fd1, /dev/hda, etc. but i keep getting
the same error message:

I have 16mb ram, monovga, sb16 with a reveal cdrom attached to the
panasonic slot on the sound card all running off of an intel m/b with a
cyrix 166+ cpu.

I am trying to get linux slackware on to hda, but cant get past the first
screen. any and all help will be appreciated.

thanks in advance for any assistance.