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I was trying to install slackware onto a friend's Ambra subnotebook
with (4Meg ram) monochrome lcd screen in a 60Meg partition.
It is intended for doing*and simple fortran development
(f2c to check syntax) at home.

We have dvips and*working but I am having problem with

gs -sDEVICE=linux -r9

to display the postscript files.

svgalib complains about a file /usr/local/lib/libvga.config

gs also complains about I/O permissions when invoke as regular
user and not as root.

We welcome any suggestion or hints in getting this working.


BTW: is there a simple say "dvi2screen" program to display
dvi in 640x480x2 mode in a VT console? I think the emtex DOS
distribution has such a program 'dviscr' to do that.

Thank you.

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