OpenLinux 2.2 installation help

OpenLinux 2.2 installation help

Post by Richard Bum » Sun, 13 Jun 1999 04:00:00

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Quote:> My original OS is win98 and I have one hard disk which was divided
>into disk C and disk D. Disk C is FAT 16 format and Disk D is FAT 32
>format.  I followed the instruction from OPENLINUX 2.2 Getting
>Started Guide to install windows components of OpenLinux and
>partitionmagic caldera edition. Then reboot computer. After that, it
>started PartitionMagic program and from that, I can only see my disc
>C but not D. C is only 400MB free and I do not want to install Linux
>in it. But I can not find D under partitionmagic program. So could
>tell me how to do so I can find D and partition it for Linux? Thanks

Since I don't have win98, I wasn't able to see what this version of
Partition Magic does, but previous releases of that program have
always shown everything on the disk clearly.  My description below is
based on what I see using release 3 from OS/2.

If you have one disk, you should see everything in a single window.
Your C: and D: are two partitions on that disk, and you should see a
bar graph representing your disk divided into different colored
pieces.  The legend identifying types of filesystems represented by
the colors should appear somewhere in the Partition Magic window.
Since you are running it from Win98, the pieces of the graph should
also be marked C: and D:, using the names known to Win98.  If D: is a
logical partition, you will also see the extended partition that
contains it.

Selecting a piece will also show more information about the partition:
whether it is a primary partition or not, and how much is in use.

This tool allows you to create a *separate* partition to be used by
linux.  The recommended procedure is:

(1)  Backup everything, just so that you can claim you wasted your
time doing it, but it is cheap enough protection in case something
does go wrong.

(2)  Defragment your partitions.  Again, this is not really necessary,
but it might make it easier to rearrange the partitions.

(3) Let Partition Magic rearrange your disk as you will need it.  Both
of your existing partitions can be resized and moved to create free
space for linux.  I don't have the Caldera installation guide handy,
but it will tell you how much you should do before starting the
installation and how much will be done by linux utilities during the
installation.  You will also need to decide what you want to use to
allow you to boot either system: Boot Magic or lilo.  Read this
section carefully, since a mistake can make it difficult to boot the
machine in the future.

(4) When you have done everything in the first chapter, you are ready
to start the lizard to install linux.  If your graphics card is not
successfully probed, you should stop (in fact, you *must* stop) and
start the lisa install that will give you more control over the
process.  Otherwise, relax and enjoy the show.  When it is done you
will have put all the free space on your disk to good use, and you
will start shopping for a second disk so you can install the *whole*

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