SCSI Lockup Question (Adaptec & Seagate)

SCSI Lockup Question (Adaptec & Seagate)

Post by Joe Radkowsk » Tue, 20 Apr 1999 04:00:00

    Hi all, I have a PR440 (Providence) Dual PPro Motherboard. Currently
I only have 1 200 MHz process on it with 64 MBs RAM and on the harddrive
end a 9.1 Seagate Medalist SCSI harddrive.  I was having random lockups
with the computer and I initally thought it was the processor then when
I went into the SCSI utility bios and did a harddisk check it locks the
computer up when it reaches a point between 40% and 65%.  I have double
check termination on the harddrive and made sure the controllers
software controlled terminator was activated.  I called up seagates'
automated help line and they suggested changing the way the terminator
gets its power from "It supplies its own" to "It gets it from the bus".
I still get a lockup.  Any ideas whats going on here? (Please email if

            Joe Radkowski


1. Problem formatting (Adaptec 1542B & Seagate ST11200N) SCSI drive

Hi all,

In my attempt to install Linux I have run across my first
problem.  I am able to run Linux's fdisk and create my primary
and swap linux partitions.  When I then run setup it seems to
activate the swap partition properly but when it tries to
format the primary partition I get:

aha1542_out failed (2):SCSI: aborting command due to timeout:
pid 143, scsi 0 id0 lun 0 0 x08 19 10 80 20 20

over and over.  I noticed that at boot up Linux says: 32
(something) not present, needed for this release, sorry.
My controller is set to 330 irq 11 dma 5 and works fine under
Dos/Win95.  The Bios version on the controller is 3.08, I
believe there is a newer one (3.20) and I will be contacting
Adaptec to try to get it. I am using the mitsumi boot and
color144 root.
I hope someone here can help me with my problem.

very many TIA's for your help


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