Host-based Printers (NEC Superscript 660)

Host-based Printers (NEC Superscript 660)

Post by Anthony Chapma » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

  I was wondering if there is support for the host-based printers that
use the CPU to manage the printer.  I have a NEC SuperScript 660 laser
printer and I cannot get it to work.  During bootup, it dectects it on the
right address (lp1 on 0x378 (polling) and tt is correctly setup in the
/etc/printcap file.  However, when I type 'cat filename > lp', nothing
happens and there is nothing in the queue.  I called NEC and they that
none of the host-based printers are supported under Unix unless there is a
special driver written for them.  Any suggestions...?


1. Any one use NEC SuperScript 660 or 860 printer with Linux??

Anyone has experience with the NEC SuperScript 660 or 860 printer??

The 660 mode is 6 ppm model and support PCL5 & Postscript 2 language,
but I was told that, it must be run  under Windows 95 only to work with
PS2 language.. I need to verify on this..

The 860 model is a faster one (8 ppm) and supports PCL4 only, it doesn't
support PS2 language.  I want to find out if this model run under


Linh C. Nguyen


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